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Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to our client satisfaction and continuous improvement is woven in the fabric of everything we do at Franklin Interiors.  Every team member is expected to participate in our continuous improvement process.

Our Quality Steering Committee is composed of team members representing every department.  Michelle Palomares, our Director of Human Resources, leads the committee.  The committee is responsible for improving all aspects of our business to ultimately achieve and exceed customer satisfaction expectations.

Annually, we receive over 200 surveys from our customers giving us valuable feedback with opportunity for improvement and measuring their satisfaction.  In 2014, on a scale of 1-7, with a 4 considered “Meets Expectations”, we achieved an outstanding overall rating of 6.0, considered “Exceeds Expectations” from over 180 individual clients.

The Quality Steering Committee provides the framework for the Quality Improvement Process, which helps to identify customer expectations and measures and reviews performance.  The Quality Steering Committee is made up of members of every department and generally meets semi-monthly.  The key components of the Quality Improvement Process are:

  • Process Definition: Identifying the inputs and outputs and expectations of our suppliers and customers to help us improve our results.
  • Measurement: As a company, there is a series of key measurements that make up our “scorecard” and guide management’s decisions.
  • Goal Setting: Establishing our goals sets the stage for measurement.  Each year, the company incorporates goal setting into the corporate planning process.  Supporting the achievement of these corporate goals are one of many related goals set at departmental and individual levels.
  • Teamwork: Making lasting improvements in the quality of work processes depends on many people working together.