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Privacy Wall

Solid steel construction Painted frame with flush feature strip Contains 30% recycled material, 90% recyclable at end of life.

Plan for today and for the future

  • Move your walls to change with your changing needs
  • Teams in today’s more open environments need privacy that is immediately accessible to them
  • Integrated, modular walls and the Architectural Solutions provide on demand flexibility in meeting your workspace’s future needs
  • Features and Benefits

Improve the bottom line

  • Reuse product over and over
  • Reduces the construction schedule

Easy access to technology

  • Easy access to cable and power terminations at base, ADA, and desk height
  • Hollow core panel system allows for easy wiring, cable routing and location

Support visual and acoustical privacy

  • Glass panels, or solid panels with clerestory windows, allow you to choose the appropriate level of visual privacy.
  • Steelcase offers 9 “graded” glass options in alliance with Bendheim, the largest provider of specialty glass in North America. The full range of Bendheim glass options and their varying levels of light transmission ensure both desired level of privacy and aesthetic look.

Light transmission

  • Light transmission refers to the level of obscuration in any given glass. The full range of Bendheim glass options and their varying levels of light transmission  ensures that the designer can establish both the desired sense of privacy and aesthetic look.
  • Acoustic Glass solution provides enhanced acoustic privacy within glass applications
  • Panel STC solutions up to 43. Acoustically outperforms traditional drywall applications

Create a signature image

  • Wide aesthetic range. Support your corporate image with options that range from painted steel, to fabric, to glass and more customization alternatives to address architectural direction. Custom match paints, fabrics, vinyl, glass and veneer