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Sustainability – A&D

We all have a responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants.

Together, with Steelcase, we are focused on creating a healthier workplace and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Insights

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Sustainability White Papers & Articles

Sustainability Comes of Age: White Paper

What got us thinking… Environmental sustainability is important. Practically everyone agrees with that, despite varying levels of understanding about environmental issues and different levels of commitment to them. The larger issue is how to define sustainability. 
The word… Click here read more

The Designer’s Role in Sustainability: White Paper

Interior design doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is an integral part of any building construction or renovation project. Building interiors are fitted with materials, products and systems from a network of raw materials that stretches around the… Click here read more

Steelcase Product Environmental Profiles & Certificates

Find P.E.P.s and certificates for Cradle to Cradle, Level and SCS Indoor Advantage certified products. Along with how Our products can contribute to your LEED project. Find the product information you need to achieve certification.
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