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Designing Colleges For More Than Connectivity

Educational design that emphasizes connection and collaboration, and also: actual pens and paper. The act of writing/sketching/concepting connects students to the whole process of becoming independent adult thinkers. Read the article. Recently, the news program 60 Minutes visited renown global design firm IDEO to learn about design thinking, meeting with one of the most influential […]

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Innovation enters the classroom

Steelcase 360 Featured Article I Want to see something amazing? Visit a college classroom. You’ll be amazed, perhaps astounded to learn that today’s classrooms look completely – like the ones you sat in five, 10, or even 50 years ago. Despite revolutionary technology, the information explosion, and an interconnected planet, not to mention improved teaching and […]

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A New Legal Brief

Steelcase 360 White Paper I As the legal industry evolves, its work environments require new approaches. by Steelcase WorkSpace Futures, in conjunction with Steelcase wood As a nation of laws, the U.S. has always depended on its lawyers. But today the legal industry… Click to Read More

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