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High Functioning Waiting Rooms

Designing waiting rooms to work in a real world setting. Today’s waiting rooms are far more than a place to sit and wait. It has to support activities and needs for privacy, work, technology, education and relaxation. Waiting room furniture has to accommodate people of all sizes, and be able to facilitate private conversations between caregivers and patients, their […]

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Patient Rooms: Design to Accommodate All

The quality of people’s experiences and the human dimensions of healthcare are more important than ever before. As active participants versus passive patients, today’s consumers of care are transforming past norms, driving rapid change across the industry. When patients have ownership of their surroundings and feel connected to staff and loved ones, an environment is […]

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Look Great Longer for Less

More often than not, healthcare facilities are spending high dollar to reupholster or replace furniture due to extensive use & abuse causing fabric appearance issues. While it is true that many facilities have given responsibility to their janitorial staff to attempt to clean furniture fabrics, it is also true that facilities are left with the […]

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Patient Rooms

Even Florence Nightingale Thought Noise in Hospitals Was Harmful

While Florence Nightingale identified noise as a risk factor over 150 years ago, current hospital environments remain characterized by auditory clutter: technologies, larger patient/visitor populations, and physical spaces that are, themselves, noisy. While staff are neither the sole cause of unacceptable noise, Nightingale established as a primary task of nursing, that the control over patient environment, is within the domain of staff control. […]

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