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FlexFrame Workwall: A New Standard of Performance

FlexFrame™ workwall defines a new standard of performance in Corporate Office Spaces

The changes converging in today’s offices are extraordinary. FlexFrame workwall is designed to support these changes along with the variety of ways people work—from individual private offices to open group work settings. Configured with functional surfaces and modular components, FlexFrame brings together storage, organization and built-in technology, supporting the way people work best.

Timeless design. limitless flexibility.

As your office spaces needs shift and evolve, FlexFrame is designed to shift with them. It can be easily reconfigured to meet the needs of your entire office. And installation is as equally flexible. There’s no need to locate a stud or disrupt the drywall when reconfiguring. Smart components, built-in technology support and inherent flexibility: FlexFrame creates a range of spaces that can change easily at any time. So, whiteboards today can become flat screen monitors tomorrow.

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