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Teaching and Learning

Last century’s classroom design was focused on rote memorization. The 21st century classroom must nurture collaboration and hands-on-learning.

A whole new generation, Gen Y, is bringing new tools, attitudes and learning styles to campus. The Steelcase Workspace Futures research team completed a six-stage process to develop a deep understanding of the classroom and the needs of students. Based on the findings, there are innovative insights for higher education classrooms.

Insight One:

Design for multiple rhythms 
Support different zones for each learning mode; engage, explore, explain, evaluate and extend.

Insight Two:

Everyone to be seen & heard
No matter where a student is seated, they need direct viewing of the instructor, course content and other students. Similarly, instructors need physical access to every student.

Insights Three:

Leverage New Media
Incorporate technology into Instructor’s curriculum along with student thinking and subject content for an enhanced mixed media experience.