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Government Office Furniture Solutions

Pittsburgh and West Virginia Federal, state and local governments are all experiencing smaller staffs, tighter budgets and increased workloads –combined with shorter timelines and greater demand for productivity. Now more than ever, it’s essential to find government office furniture solutions that get things done faster, smarter and with greater cost efficiency. Franklin Interiors can help.

For years, our team of experienced Government office furniture experts has been helping federal, state and local government agencies in Pittsburgh and West Virginia navigate the procurement complexities of budgets, contract numbers, RFQ’s ordering information and installation requirements—and successfully implementing work spaces that reflect the changing needs of today’s public sector workers.

Federal Contracts

U.S. General Services Administration

Franklin Interiors sells to eligible departments and agencies of the federal government using contracts that manufacturers have negotiated with the General Services Administration (GSA). Refer to the list of departments, agencies and organizations that are eligible GSA purchasers. Since the contracts are between GSA and the manufacturer, Franklin Interiors serves as the manufacturers’ sales agent. The PO and remittance are made to the manufacturer.

Each manufacturer has its own schedule, referred to as a contract number, with its own start and end date. The schedules are usually multi-year contracts and get renewed at the end of their term. See the attached list of the GSA Manufacturer / Partners that we work with most frequently.

Design, installation, and project management services are available at GSA established prices when they are combined with the purchase of furniture. Otherwise services are available at commercial market rates.