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Cafe and Lounge

The stresses inherent in healthcare—for patients, caregivers and partners in care alike—point to the need for a comfortable place of respite.

Yet, the café and lounge can be overlooked. We believe we can bring much-needed comfort and aesthetics to this important public space. As with our solutions for other healthcare environments, we apply design principles that create a more calm and relaxing atmosphere. And we can provide different seating options for different types of people and activities, whether they’ve come for a quick snack or plan to stay for an extended period of time.

Insight One

Make the café a destination, a common meeting place between the visitors’ waiting area and the clinical staff area.

Insight Two

Bring in natural light and elements of nature. Consider linking it to an outside garden.

Insight Three

A variety of seating options will accommodate visitors who need a place to spend some time, as well as those who just need to grab a quick snack and go.