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The job of nurses has intensified dramatically over the years. More technology, new patient care delivery modes and a whole new set of processes demand a rethinking of how work flows. We’ve identified three distinct areas that could better accommodate the needs of nurses:

Curb-side Impromptu meetings.
Step-in Involved work such as writing a chart or taking dictation
Immersion Informational meetings that may require access to a computer, white board or other technology.

By thinking about the relationships between people, processes, objects and spaces, we can tailor solutions to reduce chaos and help nurses focus on what’s important.

Insight One

Spaces intended for individual heads-down work need to be large enough to accommodate two
people for the frequent collaboration that occurs.

Insight Two

Provide monitor arms and adjustable-height work-surfaces so the workstations can be adapted to the range of users and duration of tasks.

Insight Three

Make the nurses’ station adaptable over time, to accommodate new technologies and processes. For example, when integrating WOWs (Workstations on Wheels), consider where they will be charged and where they will be parked when not in use.