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A good consultation room serves one primary function: to facilitate effective communication between patient, caregiver and partners in care. A comfortable environment is essential, so we pay particular attention to the relationships between those involved and the equality of everyone present. We make sure to keep consultation rooms private, yet easily accessible to the waiting room, allowing conversations to happen within the flow of the overall patient experience. With education an additional concern, we can even accommodate the need to provide “takeaway” information that can be reviewed in a less stressful environment.

Insight One

Many clinical visits don’t require an exam bed, but simply involve a consultation between the care provider and patient. Consider using a combination of exam rooms and consultation rooms to provide the appropriate setting for different types of visits.

Insight Two

A consultation room should be equipped for learning. It could take the form of a conference room, or a more lounge-type setting, but need tools which support the sharing of information.