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We found that with some doctors, image is everything.

Today’s radiologists are some of the most extreme users of computer hardware within healthcare. And reviewing digital images (PACS) is what it’s all about. Details and Nurture have worked with a number of radiology practices to understand the unique challenges of these specialized environments. With doctors tethered to computers for long periods of time—often in relatively static postures—our goal is to enhance comfort and flexibility by enabling quick, easy adjustment of surfaces, tools, monitor supports, lighting and seating. Always allowing for proper ergonomic usage, so that doctors can better focus on their jobs.

Insight One

The radiology reading station requires multiple flatscreen monitors on flexible arms to accommodate the need to view more than one set of scans at a time. As the industry shifts from film to digital, a lightbox may also be necessary.

Insight Two

Provide directed lighting for radiologists who need to read reference materials in a darkened room. Consider giving users control of the light levels at the table.

Insight Three

The horizontal worksurface needs to accommodate three zones which reflect the workflow: the primary zone for monitor viewing, the secondary zone for dictating, and the third zone for accessing reference material.