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Treatment and Oncology

Patients, care partners, and care providers want connection, comfort, and convenience.

Each user plays an important role in the healing process. We enhance their connection with settings that offer control and customization. The physical and emotional comfort of the patient is priority. We provide space for personal things, a soft place to recline, and room for friends and family nearby. Convenience is essential for work process and we make sure caregivers have what they need, where they need it. Infusion environments can be respectful of all involved in the treatment process and foster an atmosphere of caring and communication.

Insight One

The cancer experience is different for every patient and the needs of an individual patient on any given day will vary. Cancer care spaces should respond to varying, changing patient needs for privacy, companionship, education and treatment.

Insight Two

Care partners are integral to the healing process because they provide vital support to the patient; however, their comfort and needs are often overlooked. By accommodating the needs of care partners to be included, relax, talk or connect to the outside world, we help them soothe rather than stress their patient.

Insight Three

Cancer treatment can be arduous, so minding the details (accessibility to power outlets, personal storage, medical supplies, waste receptacles) matters.