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Maximize the Longevity of Your Floors

More sustainable floors on a more sustainable budget.

Why Choose Floor Care?

  • Increases longevity of flooring.
  • Increases cost efficiency.
  • Enhances the image of your property or company, which makes for happier visitors and more efficient employees.
  • Makes routine maintenance easier and faster.
  • Increases indoor air quality (IAC).

Deep Cleaning and Maintaining

Our floor care and restorative technicians are able to clean facilities on their own or assist facilities that have their own staff with a  customized cleaning frequency that aims at bringing appearance levels  back closer to a new floor look.

NeverStrip Ultra-Durable System

  • Apply 1, yes ONE, coat of NeverStrip
  • Nope – No burnishing
  • Nope – No scrub and recoating
  • Clean the floor as needed

NeverStrip Ultra-Durable System

  • Apply 3,4,5 even SIX coats of “wax” on one day.
  • Burnish the “wax” once a day/week/month.
  • Scrub and recoat with one coat of “wax” once a month/quarter.
  • Clean the floor as needed.
  • Strip all the “wax” build-up and start the endless cycle all over once or twice a year.

How does Franklin Interiors Floor Care Program Work?

We will design a floor care program that will allow the customer to get a more frequent cleaning program, while staying within a competitive price range of their current floor care provider.

  • We will design a personal plan to meet your flooring needs.
  • Our technicians are certified by the StarNet Flooring Network.
  • We know and understand all carpet brands, construction methods and fibers.
  • We always use the most appropriate maintenance procedures, equipment and cleaning products.
  • No matter who installed your flooring or when it was installed, we can provide you with the best maintenance available.

Great for:

  • Hospitals/Healthcare
  • Schools/Universities
  • Retail/Restaurants
  • Sports Facilities
  • Public Buildings
  • Commercial Offices
  • Hotels/Resorts

Neverstrip for Hard Surfaces

  • Great on Terrazzo
  • VCT
  • Sheet Vinyl Linoleum
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Natural Stones
  • Wood, Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Tile & Grout
  • Concrete
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl Asbestos Tile.

**On tile & grout, NeverStrip compares favorably in performance, warranty, & price to SantiGLAZE.**


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