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News Radio Station

A news radio station in downtown Pittsburgh wanted to refresh their office space.

The project was completed by floor in two phases. Due to phase timing, Franklin Interiors stored the new furniture in their warehouse for 3 months before installation. To accommodate staff needs, they were moved to a different floor in the building while new furniture was installed. Our team of designers, project managers and installers worked closely with them to provide for a smooth transition during the process.

The company was particularly interested in making sure each person had the storage requirements to support their day-to-day workstyle. Their last set of office furniture was over 20 years old, so they wanted fresh but more important – quality furniture. The client was delighted to find that Steelcase fell into their budget, and now have a solution that will last them another 20 years.

Not having purchased furniture in over 20 years, teamwork and detailed communication was key to building a successful working relationship. Ensuring they were  familiar with the process from start to finish, allowing for no surprises along the way.

Solutions included private offices, workstations, reception lobby, conference rooms and a file room.