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Franklin Interiors consistently asks, “How can we provide chairs that serve people better?” The answers have come in hundreds of seating forms – the widest variety of office chairs anywhere.

Whatever you ask of seating – productivity, high style, environmental performance – Franklin Interiors probably has your answer.


  • LiveBack®: The chair’s back changes shape to support the entire spine. This can reduce the chance of lower back sag and a hunched posture, which weakens disc walls, stresses back ligaments and causes deterioration of the spine.
  • Upper and Lower Back Controls: This enables users to set the amount of “push back” that they desire as they recline, regardless of their body size. Lower back firmness control enables users to set a constant amount of firmness to maintain their lower back’s natural curve.
  • Height, Width, Depth, and Pivot Arms: Arms telescope, pivot, move forward and backward and adjust up and down so users can find a natural position that comfortably supports the wrists, forearms, shoulders and neck.
  • Natural Glide™ System: Seat glides forward so users can recline without leaving their Vision and Reach Zone, so they stay oriented to their work. This encourages more varied postures so there’s less static load on the spine.
  • Flexible Seat Edge: Eases pressure on thighs and widens the angle between legs and torso without users feeling like they’re sliding out of their chair
  • Adjustable Seat Depth: People don’t fit neatly into three average sizes. Leg and torso lengths can vary independent of a person’s overall height. Adjustable seat depth accommodates different body shapes for long-term comfort.