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Senior Living Facility

A Senior Living facility in Morgantown, WV, sought to update the dining and common areas with new furniture, flooring, some architectural elements, wall coverings and accessories.

An aesthetically appealing facility is not only important to the residents who live there, but it’s also pertinent to attracting new residents.  In addition, the facility’s appearance needed to appeal to a wide age demographic. Therefore, it was particularly imperative to find the right furniture for visual appeal, comfort, and safety – all the while following industry standards.

With specific budget parameters, Franklin Interiors established a scope and estimate up front and anticipated for a 5 year phased project.

To not disrupt patient schedules, comfort or safety throughout renovation (including holiday seasons), the reception area was turned into a dining hall and much of the work was completed at night. A storage container was rented to occupy furniture and accessories while under construction.

Franklin Interiors provided design renderings, storyboards, project management, flooring and move management services.