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Patient Rooms: Design to Accommodate All

The quality of people’s experiences and the human dimensions of healthcare are more important than ever before. As active participants versus passive patients, today’s consumers of care are transforming past norms, driving rapid change across the industry.

When patients have ownership of their surroundings and feel connected to staff and loved ones, an environment is more capable of healing. At Franklin Interiors, we divide the patient room in three zones.

  • The patient zone, which includes bed and overbed table.
  • The staff zone, with a sink, sanitizer and counter.
  • And the family zone, where visitors can comfortably spend time.
  • Access is key: caregiver access to the patient, patient access to the bathroom, and access for everyone to vital information. Each zone helps determine the most efficient and appropriate way to orient a space.
  1. Insight OneIn the patient room, consider the needs of its three primary users: patients, family members and caregivers. Patients need a place to store personal belongings, cards or flowers. Visitors need to be fully present without being in the way of staff. Caregivers, located toward the room entrance, need to work efficiently and connect closely with patients
  2. Insight Two
    Lighting must meet the comfort needs of the patient, and the work requirements of the staff, especially at night. Consider zoning light sources.
  3. Insight Three
    Consider providing space at the patient room threshold for activities such as charting, temporary storage of supplies and equipment and impromptu meetings, without blocking the corridor.


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