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360˚ White Papers

An in-depth look at topics and trends that effect workers and the workplace.

Building Wellbeing into the Workplace

Organizational wellbeing made tangible: space, furniture and tools designed to nurture individual wellbeing. This isn’t simply about work environments with better ergonomics or more comfort. We believe that the workplace can be a place where people actually leave healthier than when they arrive in the morning. Read the full paper.


The True Value of Space

When calculating the value of office space many organizations are taking into account not only first and life-cycle costs, but also the business results, like how much time is saved having access to the right tools, worker satisfaction, improved productivity, and other human and social factors. Read the full paper

Technology Empowered Learning

Steelcase Education researchers conducted a design research study at 16 schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States to better understand the dynamics and spatial implications of technology-empowered learning. Six spatial insights emerged for blended learning environments that achieve maximum results for students and instructors. Read the full paper

The Enterprising Private Office

Private offices have changed little over the last century. Four walls, a double ped desk and credenza, a desk chair and a guest chair or two. Yet while the private office has been fixed in place, most everything else about business has changed. Read the full paper

Posture Support in a Changing Workplace

As technologies and trends transform work processes, understanding the impact on postures is crucial for helping people work safely, comfortably, and productively. Read the full paper

Learning Curve: Helping Students Focus

By Lennie Scott-Webber, Ph.D., director of education environments for Steelcase Education Solutions.  As a university professor, I was often asked by students, “What advice can you give me for doing well in this course?” Educators hear this question frequently and our response is fairly universal: manage your time, take good notes in class, stay focused. Yet focus requires a place for heads-down work, and these places are not always easy to locate… Read the full paper

Brand, Culture and the Workplace | White Papers

Which comes first — the culture or the brand? Steelcase WorkSpace Futures In today’s hyper-connected, ever- flattening world, it’s almost become a question not worth asking. Coexisting in a chicken/egg, yin-and-yang relationship, an organization’s brand and culture shape… Read the full paper

How the Workplace Fosters Innovation | White Papers

Nearly everyone agrees that innovation is the way to supercharge an organization to growth. The right workspaces can help make it happen. Steelcase WorkSpace Futures Innovation is the “secret sauce” of business success, according to Harvard Business Review…. Read the full paper

Emerging Work Strategies | White Papers

How Emerging Work Strategies are Changing the Workplace Telecommuting was just the beginning Alternative work strategies, which break the paradigm of an assigned office space for every worker, have been around since at least the early 1990s. For most companies, alternative… Read the full paper

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