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Smart Learning Spaces

21st Century Learning Environments.

Imagine a classroom that improves the transfer of knowledge, dramatically enhances collaboration, and engages multiple learning styles. Find out why Sean Corcorran, General Manager of Steelcase Education Solutions, stresses the importance of re-inventing learning spaces in the EdTech Digest interview.


See what happens when two classes at Coastline Community College experience a Verb classroom for the first time.

From multiple modes of learning to engaged and participative students, Verb instantly transforms the learning environment by offering flexibility and collaborative tools for students and instructors. The Verb classroom collection provides an active learning environment, exactly what Coastline Community College students and faculty were looking for:

The Steelcase LearnLab Environment

College classrooms today must support frequent collaboration and communication, easy transfer of information between individuals and groups, the effective display of content, and the need for teams to constantly reconfigure and switch between different ways of working. These are demands the LearnLab Environment was designed to meet.

The LearnLab sets a new standard for higher education environments. Its innovative design strategies, products, and applications improve the functionality of the classroom for both students and teachers. Compared to traditional classrooms. Read How Technology is Changing Education

LearnLab Classroom:

  • Fully supports the learning process: information access, understanding, transfer, and assessment.
  • Dramatically improves student engagement.
  • Easily supports multiple teaching and learning styles.
  • Facilitates collaboration and teamwork for large and small groups.


Verb Classroom Tables, Whiteboards, Instructor Station

Node Seating

Eno Interactive Whiteboard

New! Fuse Digital Visualizer


New! media:scape Kiosk


New! media:scape Virtual Puck


New! Qivi Collaborative Seating