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bivi is inspired by small company culture. Think of it as a blank canvas, which allows you to express your unique brand personality.

Product Description

Because you don’t think of your workplace as an assortment of desks and cubicles, we don’t either. It’s more than that. It’s where work and personal passions collide. It’s where you see yourself wanting to be every day, and maybe some nights. It’s what works for you. So, let’s toss out all the preconceived ideas and start with a blank canvas. Let’s create the workplace you have in mind for today, and even prepare for what’s around the corner.


Simple – from single desk to entire floor-plate solutions
Fast – ships in days and installs in minutes
Easy – reconfigures and expands to grow with your business
Hard Working – a flexible platform that reflects your brand and culture

Bivi Options

  • Accessories: Bike Hook, Board Rack, Canopy, Monitor Mount, See More..
  • Add-on & change: Pocket Cover, Table Top, Legs, See More…
  • Chairs: Rumble Seat, See More…
  • Storage: Floating Side Storage, Depot, Trunk, Banker Box, See More…
  • Tables & desks: Table for One, Table for Two, Tables with Back Pockets, Turnstone Tables, See More…
  • The little things: Mesh File Box, See More…


Bivi Assembly Video