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Verb™ Classroom Collection

Our goal is to develop smarter active learning spaces that help students connect, get inspired and achieve deeper learning. Verb™ is an integrated collection of classroom furniture designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles on demand.

Classrooms often get in the way of active learning.  Instructors are introducing new pedagogies, mixing team projects and group discussion with lecture and small group collaboration all in the same time period, but classrooms aren’t keeping up. Verb™ is an integrated collection of classroom furniture  designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles on demand.

Ongoing human-centered design research at schools, colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada shows that while active learning is increasing, classrooms often prevent students and instructors from making the most of collaborative learning. Research shows that instructors’ use of lecture is decreasing  while discussion and group learning is rising in classrooms.

Active learning offers opportunities for students and teachers. Classrooms should enhance sight lines and interaction, regardless of teaching method and style. They should support seamless transitions, collaboration and information persistence. Students and instructors need spaces that support the ways they learn today.

Features & Components:

  • Designed for mobility, communication and collaboration
  • Support across learning modes, from lecture and discussion to team work and test mode
  • An integrated collection of instructor stations, student tables, personal whiteboards, display and work tools
  • Built with the same insights and design language as other Steelcase Education Solutions products

How it works:


The Verb Classroom Collection transforms any classroom into an interactive learning space. Verb is specifically designed to support different learning modes and encourage easy shifts between lecture, discussion, and project work.

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