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High Functioning Waiting Rooms

Designing waiting rooms to work in a real world setting.

Today’s waiting rooms are far more than a place to sit and wait. It has to support activities and needs for privacy, work, technology, education and relaxation. Waiting room furniture has to accommodate people of all sizes, and be able to facilitate private conversations between caregivers and patients, their families and friends. Steelcase Health is focused on creating comfortable, highly functional spaces that can be easily reconfigured as building, technology and healthcare needs evolve.

Insight One
Cluster various types of seating to accommodate groups of different sizes.

Insight Two
Private enclaves in the waiting room provide spaces for consultation and a place for families to retreat in times of stress.

Insight Three
Provide amenities that make patients comfortable and allow them to make the most of their time. For example, include computer workstations, refreshments, play and educational areas for kids.

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