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Office Furniture Storage and Warehousing

For over 65 years, Franklin Interiors has been helping companies get the most out of their workspaces.

The Franklin Interiors Asset Management team will work with you to create an effective, easily manageable strategy for all of your stored office furniture assets.

Office furniture is a major investment for any company. Recent workplace statistics reveal that if a company owns $1 million worth of office furniture, up to 30% of it is in storage at any one time. To get your money’s worth, you need to know what you have, where it is and what condition it’s in, so you can easily deploy these assets as soon as the need comes up.

Whether stored at your site or in our warehouse, our office furniture storage inventory management system will provide you with your current inventory status. The Snap-Tracker Inventory Management System features bar-coded tracking, easy to read reports and digital imaging. Using our web-based system, you can view a full inventory of all products in storage and the individual condition and usage history of each piece.

When storing workstations or systems product, we track and manage the extensive parts inventory. The Franklin Interiors Design Team can help you plan a project using existing inventory or even blend existing and new product for a fresh, new look.

Time to convert your on-site office furniture storage space into valuable office space? We will store your assets in our 52,000 square foot warehouse, conveniently located near downtown Pittsburgh, Route 51 and Interstate 79.