Case Study

PennEnergy Resources


PennEnergy Resources is a Pittsburgh based independent oil and gas company focused on the acquisition and development of unconventional shale resources in the Appalachian Basin. They are committed to being a best-in-class shale development company that creates value for their investors, stakeholders, employees, and landowners through the safe and environmentally responsible development of unconventional resources.


PennEnergy Resources was looking to combine their two separate offices into one central location that would foster collaboration and create an inviting environment for both employees and clients. Their current office spaces were incredibly segregated with high cubicle panels, an abundance of storage, private offices, and underutilized collaboration areas – all which limited the amount of interaction employees had on a day-to-day basis. The goal of this project was to create a 45,000 sq ft professional, inviting, flexible environment that provided employees with a variety of work settings to support different shifts in work throughout the day.


When planning PennEnergy’s new office, the Franklin team proposed an integrated solution that combined flooring, interior construction and furniture. By doing so, our teams were able create a highly customized environment while being able to meet the client’s tight deadline. Through the design planning process, the Franklin and Desmone teams leveraged Falkbuilt’s Echo technology to present a realistic video flythrough that showcased every tiny detail of the space down to exact finishes and power sources. This video flythrough helped the client visualize their space, suggest changes in a timely fashion and ultimately expedited the entire design process.

This created end-user buy in, helped the client to visualize the space and make changes prior to order placement that reduced change orders and surprises through the build-out.

By offering an integrated solution, Franklin and Sentinel were able to reduce the standard 15-week timeline down to just 9 weeks. Below is a timeline with weekly milestones for the 45,000 sq ft jobsite.


  • 45,000 sq ft
  • Spaces included:
    • 1 Executive Boardroom
    • 2 Conference Rooms
    • 1 Training Room
    • 10 Neighborhoods
      • 56 Workstations
      • 9 Team Collaboration Zones
      • 8 Executive Offices
      • 28 Private Offices
      • 9 Touchdown Stations
    • 6 Dedicated Huddle Rooms
    • 1 Work Cafe

PennEnergy Lobby
Conference Room


One of the biggest challenges when completing the PennEnergy project was adhering to their tight deadline of 9 weeks. In order to meet this deadline, all teams involved had to be highly aligned. By having Justin Klosky, Franklin’s Integrated Project Manager, on-site he was able to coordinate the flooring, interior construction and furniture trades while working in conjunction with the Sentinel, the general contractor. By doing so, there was a constant flow of communication between all parties so all problem-solving efforts happened on-site in a timely manner.


In the end the PennEnergy Resources team were provided a custom, curated, first-class office space that exemplifies their values while providing an engaging environment to bring employees to together.
Office Kitchen Area
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