Case Study

Pittsburgh Aquarium


The Pittsburgh Aquarium partnered with the Franklin Flooring Team to successfully install 12,000 sq ft of sustainable carpet tile within a heavily trafficked area, effectively addressing challenges of a tight timeline and off-hours installation. This collaboration aligned with the aquarium’s mission and brand, as it incorporated materials promoting environmental responsibility and a circular economy, resulting in the creation of an aesthetically appealing and environmentally conscious space that underscores the institution’s dedication to sustainability.


  • Sustainable product
  • Carbon-neutral carpet tile system
  • Product a part of Mohawk’s Waterways Project which aligns closely with Pittsburgh Aquarium’s mission & brand


The Pittsburgh Aquarium needed to refresh an extremely highly trafficked area in their space with a limited timeframe. The client also needed the product to be installed during off-hours when customers were not in the building.

Inside PPG Aquarium
Inside PPG Aquarium


  • Heavily trafficked space
  • Installation needed to be completed during off-hours
  • Short timeline


To meet the needs of the Pittsburgh Aquarium and create a memorable and branded space for their corridors and public areas, the Franklin Flooring team devised an innovative solution that catered to the end user’s requirements. Our approach not only focused on aesthetics but also placed a strong emphasis on sustainability. By carefully considering the materials used, we ensured that the solution not only enhanced the visual appeal of the space but also aligned with the aquarium’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

In collaboration with the Mohawk Group, we developed a material specification that not only met the desired aesthetic goals but also supported the aquarium’s sustainability objectives. We sourced and recommended materials that were not only visually appealing but also made from sustainable products. A key aspect of our solution was the use of materials that were produced using plastics removed from the water cycle. By repurposing and reimagining these materials, we contributed to reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy. The chosen materials not only provided an aesthetically pleasing environment for the aquarium’s visitors but also served as a testament to the organization’s dedication to environmental stewardship.
Inside PPG Aquarium
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