Improving the patient experience one space at a time

Franklin’s specialized healthcare team is trained to meet the unique needs of our diverse healthcare customers.

Our Process

Franklin brings experience, creativity, and technology together to create environments that improve the patient experience. It’s an approach that makes it simple and seamless for providers and patients to give and receive the care they need.


From quiet spaces for working alone, to collaborative environments for bringing great ideas to life, we create a balance of space for all needs in the workplace to help all employees work better.

Exam Spaces

The exam room is no longer just a place for medical exams and treatments. It’s also a place where consulting, learning and personal sharing happens.

Clinician Spaces

In the everchanging landscape of the healthcare industry, there is a greater need for spaces that can fill a wide range of roles and responsibilities during any given shift. We create clinician spaces that allow for collaborating, for focus, and for driving improvement through numerous operations.

Patient Rooms

Patient rooms should provide an intimate space where patients, families and clinicians can come together around care. At their best, they are environments that aid a patient’s recovery, improve how clinicians do jobs and welcome family members as active participants in care. We integrate hospitality, empowerment and comfort throughout the space to provide the best experience possible for everyone involved.

Caregiver Respite Rooms

Caregivers and physicians need dedicated spaces to help them unwind while at work. These rooms are meant to provide a safe, quiet retreat for caregivers so they can decompress, which can help decrease compassion fatigue and burnout.

Waiting Spaces

Patients and their families are frequently left waiting. Waiting to meet with their care provider. Waiting for a diagnosis. Waiting to receive any information or updates they can get. Often, these waiting areas are uncomfortable. We’re here to change that.


When you work with us, you’ll get a team who truly understands your industry. Here are the people we have leading the charge.
Natalie K

Natalie Kerfoot

Vice President of Education + Healthcare Accounts

Jillyn Langell

Jillyn Langell

Account Manager

Barry R

Barry Roberts

Account Executive- West Virginia

Sally Wonn-T

Sally Wonn-Taylor

Account Executive- West Virginia

Brittany Arcuragi

Brittany Arcuragi

Senior Interior Designer

Emilee Kahn

Emilee Kahn

Senior Interior Designer + Studio Lead

Kristin K

Kristin Kraus

Senior Interior Designer

Natalie Szewczyk

Natalie Szewczyk

Interior Designer