We create flexible learning spaces for the future

Our team creates solutions to support active learning, to maximize flexibility, to engage and to inspire. To meet Covid-19 challenges, we believe educators and students should find their indoor and outside spaces easily adaptable for today's needs and any new requirements the future will certainly bring.

Our Process

Your Franklin K-12 team provides expertise and guidance every step of the way.

  • Planning / Interior Design services with state-of-the-art visualization tools
  • Budget Creation with good, better best options
  • 200+ curated quality suppliers
  • Pilot Space program to experience and evaluate
  • Survey tools to identify issues and benchmark results
  • Procurement Services to benchmark contracts available
  • Project Management- always know where your project is in the process
  • On-Site Orientations for teaching and maintenance staff
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A complete portfolio of products to create your high impact learning space

Interior Construction

We are experts in a variety of wall and acoustical products, including unitized modular solutions, freestanding wall applications, technology walls, markerboards, and flexible power solutions. We can help navigate the options for your space with our solutions-based approach, ensuring success regardless of the application or size of the project.


Our team knows the environments you teach and learn in make all the difference in the experiences your students will have. We provide “good, better, best” options from industry leading manufacturers to ensure an optimized solution for any type of budget.


Our team creates solutions to support active learning and increase student engagement. We integrate technology into our K-12 solutions to create flexible, high-powered learning environments that can adapt to the new ways of learning.


Our team understands the challenges schools face with cost-conscious budgets and the need to create inspirational teaching and learning spaces. We will work with your team to suggest the right products for your space that are durable, low maintenance, sound absorbing while enhancing your aesthetics.


From quiet spaces for working alone, to collaborative environments for bringing great ideas to life, we create a balance of space for all needs in the workplace to help all employees work better.


The next generation classroom supports collaborative learning curriculums for roomies and zoomies.


Transform open spaces into inviting, casual, flexible learning environments.


Libraries designed for self-directed learning, sharing knowledge and teamwork.

STEM spaces

Provide students the freedom to explore, discover and learn at their own pace.

Computer Labs

In the computer labs of today, students need spaces to work both individually and collaboratively.

Music Rooms

Franklin can help your school create a culture that draws students to the space outside of class hours to build comradery, communication, and collaboration skills.

Art Rooms

Franklin helps K-12 schools enrich their student’s creative thinking skills by constructing environments that empowers hands-on problem-solving and communication skills.


We create versatile café spaces that work as both social and collaborative environments. Our café environments include multiple seating options to accommodate individuals, small or large groups.

Outdoor Spaces For Learning

Our flexible outdoor designs allow you to create fresh-air environments that promote wellbeing, facilitate interpersonal engagement, and inspire learning experiences.


Our research-inspired classroom furniture and applications increase student and teacher engagement, connection and well-being.


When you work with us, you’ll get a team who truly understands your industry. Here are the people we have leading the charge.
Natalie K

Natalie Kerfoot

Vice President of Education + Healthcare Accounts

Barry R

Barry Roberts

Account Executive- West Virginia

Sally Wonn-T

Sally Wonn-Taylor

Account Executive- West Virginia

Samantha W

Samantha Werner

Account Manager

Grant Burns

Grant Burns

Account Manager

Brittany Arcuragi

Brittany Arcuragi

Senior Interior Designer

Emilee Kahn

Emilee Kahn

Senior Interior Designer + Studio Lead

Kristin K

Kristin Kraus

Senior Interior Designer

Natalie Szewczyk

Natalie Szewczyk

Interior Designer

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From quiet spaces for working alone, to collaborative environments for bringing great ideas to life, we create a balance of space for all needs in the workplace to help all employees work better.

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