Inspiration for Color of the Year

Pantone announced it’s 2021 Colors of the Year are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These colors are quite different from eachother, but were both chosen for their warmth and dependability. ‘Illuminating’ was described by the Pantone News as “a bright cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity” and “Ultimate Gray’ as “solid and dependable that is everlasting and provide a firm foundation”.

I think these colors are the perfect combo for inspiration for this year. After the craziness and rocky year we all had in 2020, colors that represent stability and positivity are exactly what we need! Personally, I am always drawn to the neutrals, especially grays. Because we all spent so much time in our homes this last year, a lot of people decided to do some redecorating and revamping of their homes. This Ultimate Gray is the perfect color for creating a neutral and warm wall that works for any area. Keeping in the theme of quarantining this past year, cloudy skies, blankets, candles, the dreary-ness of the state of the world, all relate to the color gray. But pairing it with the bright yellow, represents a positive hope for 2021.

I love these images because they show how beautiful these colors look and work together. The yellow is such a fun pop of color that brings light to any space! Especially against a gray fabric or wall, the two contrasting colors work off of each other and draw focus to the space. I personally think that these are great selections for Color of the Year and will hopefully inspire designers, decorators, & everyone to bring in some color to their lives.

Here’s to a brighter 2021!