Spaces + Inspiration

How do you take a boring, underused library space in a middle school and reinvent it to create a vibrant hub for multiple learning styles? That was the challenge set before Franklin Interiors with this project for Elizabeth Forward Middle School. The solution was to create various learning centers, and match the flooring needs to their function to allow students to interact with distinct environments in a cohesive space. Modular Carpet in the reading center allows students to comfortably sit and lay on the floor while enjoying a good book and also allows easy access to a sub floor power system for digital e-readers. Bright vinyl composition tile holds up to the high traffic areas of the space while keeping it bright, fun, and creative. Luxury vinyl plank creates a stage area for students to put on performances or practice presenting their work. That same dull, underused space is now the student’s favorite room in the school and a true creative and learning center for the entire campus.

Off campus living in higher education is big business. That’s why Sunnyside Commons in Morgantown, West Virginia relied on Franklin Interiors to execute their vision for four floors of engaging, modern, and attractive spaces that resident students would be proud to call home. Franklin Interiors had to rely heavily on the Starnet family of products to produce finishes that would provide a high end look, while still holding up to the high traffic and stress of an environment composed mostly of young college students. Focusing on these elements, and a dynamic blend of color and textures, the project produced a living environment that any college student would envy combining all the necessary elements of form and function.

When Franklin Interiors got involved in the Evansdale Crossing Commons project at West Virginia University, they knew they were in for a challenge. How to you coordinate 6 restaurants, a two story bookstore, an on campus bank, a copy center, and classrooms while ensuring that the space is vibrant, inviting a draw for current and prospective students? The solution was to create defined spaces, executed in a variety of products across the Starnet family and then to blend them together seamlessly into a warm, inviting space. Ceramic, vinyl, & modular carpet were all used together to create a beautiful, functional space that students love and is now a must see stop on any new prospective student’s campus tour.

Startup culture landed in Morgantown, WV in a big way with LaunchLab. A resource center and incubator for fledgling businesses, the space needed to impress young entrepreneurs and clients alike while walking the fine line between professional and informal. The design of the space took cues from Silicon Valley and Urban Loft environments to deliver a flooring solution that felt high end and casual all at the same time. With creative use of contrasting colors and materials, Franklin Interiors was able to create defined spaces for client meetings, strategizing, and group presentations. With the success of this project, LaunchLab has attracted many promising entrepreneurs and looks to launch the next great business from their doors.