Flexible spaces that adapt to your needs along the way

Today, businesses need to get more out of their spaces. New ways of work call for creative solutions. As a Steelcase Premier partner, we deliver furniture solutions that change the way your space works, from the inside out.

We get the job done right

We have smart systems in place and proven best practices for completing every job to top quality standards-regardless of size, scope or location. Our proprietary processes and innovative techniques, based on thousands of successful installations across the country, allow us to deliver on projects that others simply can’t.


Mobile workers, changing technology, and the constant need to innovate can keep business leaders up at night. We use research, insights and design to deliver innovative furniture solutions. Solutions just right for your business. It’s a people-first approach that can change the way you work.

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Franklin works with educational institutions to create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments. From classrooms to collaboration spaces, our research-driven approach enables educators and students to do their best work.

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Our team creates solutions that support active learning and maximize flexibility. We offer specialized products and services for a variety of K-12 educational environments, designed to support various learning preferences, teaching styles, and all of the various tasks in-between.

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Franklin brings experience, creativity, and technology together to create environments that improve the patient experience. We find out exactly what healthcare workers need to work better. It’s an approach that makes it simple and seamless for providers and patients to give and receive the care they need.


The right home office setup can provide comfort, increase engagement and boost productivity. Our high-quality, flexible furniture options can help improve your work-from-home setup immensely, so that you can work smarter instead of harder.


We have extensive contracting experience and engage with our federal clients at a higher level to provide comfortable furniture solutions that save on time, money and complexity.

75 years of interior experience and expertise.

No one else sources, delivers and installs furniture the way we do. That’s because after 75 years of experience, we don’t just stop at what we know. We take it a step further, learning something new each day and developing best practices based on the knowledge of our teams and the breadth of our work. When you work with Franklin, you can finally have peace of mind.

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Drop us a line. Whether you want to visit our space for inspiration, chat about bringing your project to life, or pick our brains on anything workplace related, we’d love to talk. Whether you have a vision for your project, or want to begin with a simple “hello,” we would love to hear from you.