We build spaces that integrate with the ways you work

Franklin’s adaptable interior construction solutions give you the freedom and flexibility to improve productivity and collaboration in real time, with plenty of flexibility for switching up your space in the future.


We can design a variety of spaces that can be arranged on demand for acoustic privacy and neighborhood creation with prefab assemblies and modular construction for fast and easy planning, installation and reconfiguration.


Whether you need a space to work alone or for a small private meeting, meeting pods are the solution for private space when you need it.


Build with quality soundproofing for privacy and comfort, our standalone phone booths are just as easy to install as they are to move around.


Use these rooms for freestanding meetings or a private space when you need it. Orangebox Meeting Rooms feature soft acoustic paneling for a refined aesthetic and a high level of insulation for speech privacy. Additional features include fans integrated into a patented louvered ceiling.


Our team at Franklin knows the difference the right amount of texture and creativity can add to a space in terms of privacy, lighting solutions and more. We offer soft architecture features including acoustic wall treatments, space dividers, baffle ceilings, and integrated lighting to help us create and build the most functional space possible for your business.


Franklin’s raised floors and modular power systems adapt to changing technology making cable management a whole lot easier and less costly.

We’ll take care of the details

What does Franklin Architectural Solutions deliver for you? Less time. More results. The buildout you want. The partner you deserve.

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