Who is Franklin? An Overview

Hi, we’re Franklin. We’re glad you’re here. If you’re wondering exactly what it is that we do, the answer is a little bit of everything. Our specialties include flooring, furniture, technology, and architecture, just to name a few.  We create awesome, engaging spaces that inspire collaboration and allow teams to function at the best of their ability.   

We are a leading industry innovator and solutions provider in creating, building, designing, expanding, and improving the spaces where people work, learn, heal, and entertain. Based in Pittsburgh, Franklin has a rich history that spans more than 75 years, working with corporations and small businesses across Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky. 

We consider ourselves a one-stop-shop and find enjoyment in helping clients take the pressure off while we take care of all of the details. From contractors and vendors to Architecture + Design firms, our network is truly top notch. Our team at Franklin is constantly communicating with all of the contacts associated with each moving part of your project, which means we’re able to speed up lead times for delivery and make sure your project exceeds expectations.  

Other capabilities include asset management and helping you get the most value by storing furniture for later and itemizing your current inventory to decide what stays, what goes, and the solutions you need for a successful future. We can even help you repurpose existing furniture to save you even more time and money.  

Franklin works within a wide range of budgets and industries including healthcare, K-12 and more, in which we have in-depth knowledge and experience to produce the results and solutions that each unique business needs. You can learn more about the industries we work with, here.  

Whether you’ve been daydreaming of a fresh new space or need to make changes to accommodate the “new normal,” feel free to [reach out] at any time and we’d be happy to help.   

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