Case Study

ARL Logistics


As a rapidly growing company, ARL Logistics swiftly outgrew their office in Moon Township, compelling them to pursue a new space that could accommodate their ongoing expansion. Seeking a transformation that aligned with their vision, ARL aimed to create a dynamic workplace that fostered collaboration and embraced an open office environment. Their goal was to cultivate a vibrant atmosphere that embodied their hustle culture and served as a magnet for attracting top-tier talent. Additionally, they sought a location that accommodated their future growth plans.

Office Space


  • ARL needed a larger space to keep up with their growing organization
  • Needed to differentiate themselves in the hiring process


To address their growth needs and foster a vibrant work environment, the Franklin Design team implemented a comprehensive solution for ARL’s new office space. With a focus on endless possibilities for future expansion, the office layout was designed to accommodate the company’s continuous growth trajectory. The space itself exemplified ARL’s hustle mentality and branding, creating an atmosphere where employees felt motivated and inspired. The goal was to cultivate a Google office vibe, ensuring a fun and non-stuffy environment that energized employees. Notably, the new office brought a significant change in employee behavior as people began to gather and eat together, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. The integration of state-of-the-art technology further enhanced productivity and efficiency. ARL Logistics collaborated closely with Franklin in two phases to realize their vision, entrusting them with all aspects of the non-structural design, including wall paint, carpet finishes, and decal selections. This collaboration resulted in a functional, flexible space that aligned with ARL’s brand identity. The employees now take great pride in showcasing their office to potential new hires and clients, reinforcing the office’s role as a powerful recruitment and marketing tool.
Open Office Floor Plan
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