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Franklin knows Federal Government Agencies. We’ll design a space that meets your needs and any regulations you must comply with.

Our Process

Because we partner with manufacturers who participate in the Federal Contract, we’re able to access to quality products for Federal Government Agencies at the best possible price.


From quiet spaces for working alone, to collaborative environments for bringing great ideas to life, we create a balance of space for all needs in the workplace to help all employees work better.


A welcoming destination for mobile workers to connect with others or find an appropriate space for focus. The Nomadic Zone fosters a range of interactions from short-term to long-term with quick and easy access to data and power.


Help cultivate culture with social spaces that connect people, and create a sense of purpose and belonging through meaningful interactions. Access to power, and analog and digital tools boost the use of these spaces throughout the day by giving teams and individuals more choices when it comes to making progress on their work.

Meeting Spaces

We provide a variety of settings to support different forms of collaboration. More open collaboration settings provide a sense of safety and the flexibility to expand and contract the team based on the work that needs to get done. Braid together the digital and physical to support in-person and remote collaboration of all sizes.

Resident Spaces

Balance fostering focus work and team connections in these owned or shared personal spaces. Give individuals control over how they get work done, the ability to express themselves and a sense of security while prioritizing getting work done. Resident Spaces can encompass a variety of solutions including private offices, benching applications individual desks and pods.


The key to a great resource space is having a convenient central location that offers worktools and shared materials, as well as an option for personalized assistance and facilitated services.


Franklin’s Federal Contract pricing benefits government agencies by providing notable discounts on a wide array of options for your space.


When you work with us, you’ll get a team who truly understands your industry. Here are the people we have leading the charge.
Ashley C

Ashley Carney

Account Executive

Jeff N

Jeff Neely

Account Executive

Kim V

Kim Veon

Account Executive

Barry R

Barry Roberts

Account Executive- West Virginia

Sally Wonn-T

Sally Wonn-Taylor

Account Executive- West Virginia

Emilee Kahn

Emilee Kahn

Senior Interior Designer + Studio Lead

Kristin K

Kristin Kraus

Senior Interior Designer

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