Franklin Integrated Interiors Announces Partnership With Falkbuilt

Pittsburgh, PA – Franklin Integrated Interiors, a leading creator of innovative workplace solutions, is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Falkbuilt to introduce Digital Component Construction to the greater Pittsburgh area.

“Falkbuilt is thrilled to partner with Franklin to better support our client’s projects by leveraging technology to support the design and construction community” says Amanda Buczynski, Falkbuilt by Franklin’s VP of Interior Construction. “The Falkbuilt process offers a seamless and sustainable interior construction solution to speed up construction schedules while offering elevated designed spaces.”

Falkbuilt Inc, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was founded by prefab industry pioneers Barrie Loberg and Mogens Smed. Falkbuilt manufactures a wide selection of quality interior construction components for use in commercial, educational, healthcare, public and retail spaces.

Digital Component Construction is a new way of approaching interior construction that combines proven, legacy construction methods with new and next-generation technology to build high-performing and cost-effective environments.  The Falkbuilt process and solution offers endless design options to architects and designers through Revit integration while providing the GC an accelerated, clean interior construction solution.  The final space is ensured to be cost competitive, beautiful, with superior acoustics.

“Our partnership brings Falkbuilt’s unique and expertly designed interior components to the Pittsburgh region. We are now positioned to support our clients earlier in the project development process giving them a comprehensive line of support through completion. From the growing medical, tech, and education fields, along with the established industries that put the Upper Ohio Valley on the map, this partnership multiplies the possibilities for living and work spaces” says Jackie Dallier, Principal at Falkbuilt by Franklin.

About Franklin Integrated Interiors

Franklin Integrated Interiors is Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky’s premier commercial furniture, flooring, technology and interior construction provider. For over 70 years, Franklin has offered an integrated suite of services to help organizations achieve their business goal by optimizing the spaces where people work, learn, heal and live.