Interior Construction: The Difference Between Fun and Functional

At Franklin, we’re not just in the business spaces. We’re in the business of building spaces that work with the ways you work. And if you’ve ever worked in office, you know that there are different strokes for different folks. We each have our own preferred ways of working, and in an ideal world (made possible when you work with Franklin), there would be unique spaces that cater to that preferred way of working.  

Our interior construction services always keep freedom and flexibility in mind. Modern employees need the freedom improve productivity and collaborate in spaces that work for them. By creating flexible spaces that can be used for collaboration, private conference calls, and spaces to truly focus, office spaces can strike a balance between the needs of various business processes and employee preferences.  

Some examples of interior construction solutions include: 

  • Meeting pods: whether you need a space to work alone or conduct a small meeting, meeting pods are the solution for private space when you need it.  
  • Phone booths: built with quality soundproofing for privacy and comfort, our standalone phone booths are just as easy to install as they are to move around as needed. 
  • Orange box meeting rooms: these freestanding meeting rooms can be used for just that or for private space. They feature soft acoustic paneling for a refined aesthetic a high level of insulation for speech privacy. 

Today, we’re helping many of our clients adjust to the new way of work by providing functional spaces for not just the office as we once knew it, but the home office as well. It’s important for employees to feel just as productive at home as they do at the office. Our team can provide furniture solutions and interior suggestions to accomplish this from anywhere you and your colleagues choose to work.  

View more architecture solutions here. When you’re ready to refresh your space for the future of work and better accommodate the modern employee, we’ll be around. Reach out to the team.