Serving Industries the Franklin Way

At Franklin, we pride ourselves on the ability to work with a wide range of businesses spanning several different industries. We have years of experience working with corporations, higher education institutions, K-12, healthcare organizations and government agencies. We understand the unique needs of each, including regulatory issues and more. Ultimately, our job isn’t done until we’ve exceeded expectations and provided the right mix of flooring, furniture, technology, and architecture updates to benefit your employees and customers alike. Keep reading to learn more about how we work with each industry. 


 For over 75 years, Franklin’s research-driven approach has empowered some of the region’s largest organizations and global corporations. Our thoughtful furniture solutions aim to help support a corporation’s culture, attract new talent and represent the brand in the best way possible. We understand how people work and that everyone is different. Today, going to work looks different and there’s a new set of needs. Our team at Franklin knows how to create flexible solutions for your employees, no matter where they’re working from. We can help set your office up for success for the new hybrid model and social distancing requirements.  

Higher Education 

We help colleges and universities create spaces that support the new ways students are learning. By making spaces more collaborative and effective, we tailor learning environments that can inspire new ideas and solve new challenges. Everyone learns differently, and we aim to create spaces that cater to a variety of learning styles. From classrooms to libraries and everywhere in-between, we’re able to create flexible spaces that can accommodate all students and staff.   

K-12 Education  

 If COVID-19 taught us anything, it was the need for educators and students to have plenty of space both inside and out that are easily adaptable to today’s needs and future challenges. We know how to set up your classroom to maintain social distancing, while simultaneously sparking collaboration between in-seat students and those joining on Zoom. We also help teachers set themselves up for success with budgeting tools, projects management support and more so that you not only have an environment you love to teach in, but a well-functioning one, too.   


We fuse experience, creativity, and technology together to create environments that improve patient experience and staff well-being. From making exam rooms more comfortable for patients and their guests, to creating clinician spaces where hospital staff can go to regroup and focus, our team at Franklin understands that many roles and responsibilities pass through during any given shift. It is our goal to make those spaces as useful, accommodating and as safe as possible for a variety of needs.  


We’re proud of our extensive contracting experience which allows us to engage with federal clients at a higher level by offering a variety of procurement options to save you time and money. We know how to design a space that can do a little bit of everything–meet your own wants and needs and any government regulations you’re required to comply with.  

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